Parma Ham DOP 20 month aged served with burrata 18$

Mortadella from Bologna with Gino’s handmade pickled vegetables 16$

Burrata with black truffle 10$

Anchovies, butter with coffee and crispy bread 15$

Cheese Tasting with figs’ jam and pears’ mustard 16$


Soft poached egg with Parmesan cream and black Italian truffle 18$

Our caprese with cherry tomatoes, fresh pesto, Italian stracciatella and ricotta 15$

Roasted octopus, tomatoes juice, pistachio sauce and stracciatella 18$

Our fried pizza with tomato sauce, stracciatella cheese and oregano 15$


Homemade Ravioli stuffed with pumpkin, Parmesan cheese cream, amaretto 20$

Paccheri “Gentile” stuffed with ricotta cheese, taggiasche olives, tomatoes sauce, fresh basil 18$

Risotto with Italian fresh black truffle 25$

Spaghetti Felicetti alla “Carbonara” 20$

Tagliolino with tomato sauce, burrata cheese and Parmigiano Reggiano 18$

Our homemade Lasagna Bolognese 20$


Cuttlefish in “black ink”, peas cream and fresh oregano 24$

Baked turbot filet, crispy potatoes, cherry tomatoes, taggiasche olives 26$

Chicken supreme with smashed potatoes and “Diavola” sauce 24$

Gino’s steak tartare: raw beef seasoned with extra virgin Italian oil, salt, pepper, Worcester, tabasco, egg yolk, capperi, anchovies, pickled cucumber, our homemade mayo, bbq sauce, mustard, olives, served with crunchy bread 26$

Backed Lamb Rack, eggplant pulp, porcini mushrooms sauce 30$


Smashed potatoes with mustard 7$

Mixed fresh salad 8$

Baked eggplant 7$

Gino’s handmade pickled vegetables 6$

DESSERT, Italian roots and Miami Inspired

Lello’s Cheese Cake: our mango cheese cake, mango pulp and salted crumble 9$

Gino’s Tiramisù 9$

Our vegan Millefoglie with hazelnut and cocoa cream, fresh raspberries 9$

Coconut split: Coconut ice cream, milk chocolate foam, cocoa crunchy crumble 9$

Cocoa Banana Tart: crunchy cocoa tart, passion fruit caramel and banana ice cream 9$